Patty Vanoven received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design with minors in photography and painting from the University of Evansville.  While pursuing her degree she developed a keen sense of creativity through the artistic studios.  For her degree she was required to complete classes in every studio art as well as music, theatre, and art history.

Upon graduation, Patty went to work for the Princeton Clarion in Princeton, IN.  While there Patty learned the essentials in making advertisements suitable for mass production on a web press.

From there she moved on to Re/Max Realty in Evansville, IN as their Advertising Director.  Patty learned to write HTML code and other skills needed to maintain a website. She also learned time management skills as she was responsible for two publications and several realtor advertisements.  After a time Patty decided she wanted a broader experience in commercial printing, which she acquired at Schwindel Graphics.  While there she attained a great deal of knowledge of layouts, the printing process and various programs. After three, she moved on to Krieger-Ragsdale located also in Evansville, IN where she obtained knowledge of another form of printing, flexography, and honed her photo correcting skills.  While there she started as an adjunct professor at Oakland University, teaching aspiring young designers the skills necessary to make printable designs. She was able to teach for 6 years and still has contact with several of her students that stayed in the community.

She obtained the ability of screenprint and novelty design while employed a CHIP’s, Inc. located in Fort Branch, IN. Screenprint is different from offset printing in that the ink is not transferred put pushed to the final product. Also there is no trapping and the design might be stretched.  These qualities have to be taken into account while designing, and Patty gained that knowledge with working here.

Finally, for the past couple years, Patty was employed by a large graphics company also based in Evansville, Keller Crescent/Clondalkin Pharma. Here Patty was given the responsibility of working alone for the production of her shift.  This enabled her to become extremely self-motivated and adept in time management and multi-tasking.

The knowledge that Patty has acquired through these various venues of employment and with the encouragement of family, friends and colleagues, she made the move to start her own graphic design company, Sketch2screen Design